Scandinavia--Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland--is blessed with five distinct, yet related, cultures.

Learn about the stories behind the legends, about the countries, and most of all about the people.


"We sailed our ships to any shore that offered the best hope of booty; we feared no fellow on earth..."
Saga of Arrow-Odd

What is Gjetost?
A town in Sweden.
Brown goat cheese.
The word for "hello" in

Roasted fish.
The word for ghost in

Correct answer?

København, known to the rest of the world as Copenhagen, wonderful Copenhagen, became the capital of Denmark in 1415, but several of its fine old buildings date from the reign of King Christian IV, from the late 16th to the mid-17th century.

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A traditional Norwegian method of curing fresh salmon.
Makes 4-12 servings
Prep Time: 10 minutes

Needed: 2 lbs salmon fillets, boned and preferably from the center of the fish

Rub the fillets with a mixture of:

1/4 cup kosher salt
1/4 cup sugar
1–2 tablespoon dried dill (or 2x that in fresh)
4–5 dashes black pepper

Lay a LARGE sheet of plastic wrap over the dish. Mix Rub ingredients in a small bowl-- if using fresh dill, chop it up and rub it on the fish first. Lay fish, skin side down, on the lined dish, evenly spread rub over fish, with more in the thicker areas of the fillet. Wrap plastic up and over the fish. Place second dish on top, place weight on top of second dish. Refrigerate for 48-72 hrs. Check every 12 hrs or so to see if dish needs to be drained. Remove fish from package, scrape off remaining rub, cut into very thin slices across the bias, stopping at the skin.

Serve with bagels, horseradish cream dressing, capers, more dill, greens, vinagrette, honey mustard, bread rounds. 


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